Wednesday, May 15, 2013

March through May's creations

  • Lego #5 cake for one of my boys best friends.  Their mom found a cake on pinterest and asked me to copy it with the addition of some of his ninjago toys.  The final cake at the party had a lot more ninja toys on and around it.   Such a simple cake with it being mostly white, but so cute!

    Ninjago was a popular theme this month for the four and five year old's!  It's one of my boys favorites too!  This time I decided I wanted to make the ninjas face.  I have to say this is one of my favorites!  It was so simple but awesome with the theme.  She also added some cupcakes in red, black and white to go with the theme- yum!

    These cookies were for a yo gabba gabba party.  I made cookies to represent all the crazy characters from the show.  

    A little girl I know was having a Justin Bieber party.  She wanted a strawberry cake with Justin Bieber's name on it.  So this is what I came up with.  Twirl the cake around and there is a microphone and music note on the side, in addition to the guitar.  

    My friends little boy loves cacti!  Its a strange obsession for a little 5 year old, but he wanted a cactus party.  Luckily his birthday is close to Cinco de Mayo, so his mom was able to buy some fiesta party supplies.  In the end, it was an adorable and well pulled off party!  And of course a cactus party has to have a cactus cake...

    Teacher appreciation week just passed so I decided to spoil my sons' teachers with cookie bouquets!

    My wonderful brother in law just graduated from the University of Florida's Medical School.  So part of his graduation gift was a cookie bouquet, all orange and blue for the gators.  It's a big bouquet so that all the guests at his graduation party could have a cookie.  He is an orthopedic surgeon, hence the bones.  But I also included stethoscopes, x- rays, white coats, heart monitors, and apples- because an apple a day keeps the doctor away!