Sunday, March 17, 2013

many cakes!

fondant cowboy boot cake topper made to match an actual pair of boots!

Monster truck madness!  A chocolate cake, with chocolate icing and oreo & icing dirt- yum! 

Brain cupcakes with purple sleeves in honor of Epilepsy awareness and a boys one year anniversary with no seizures!

Brave barbie doll cake. 
When I was a child I wished I could have a doll cake for my birthday.  This translated into adulthood where I have been looking for a reason to make one.  I don't trust my skills to make characters look as close to their selves as they should, so this was the perfect opportunity to use a doll!

A Paris themed bridal shower.  An eiffel tower was added to this cake at the party, but unfortunately I did not get a picture of it at the event.  But I couldn't resist the pretty pink and black contrast to match the Paris theme. 

A simple rainbow cake with the inside layers colored rainbow as well.
My boys lego themed birthday party!

 I was so busy with party preparations I didn't have time to take any good pictures but I did snap some of the goodies on the table.  I made lego cookies for the kids goody bags.  The extras were gobbled up when dessert was served. 

And the cake I kept pretty simple but the effect was awesome.  Just a few blocks of legos stacked!  Everyone loved it!

This Avengers cake was made for a very special friend who also has a special talent.  She takes AMAZING pictures.  And I am lucky enough to make her son's birthday cakes!  Below are her pictures from her party