Friday, March 23, 2012

My best friends twin baby shower

My best friend is pregnant with twins.  I have been trying my best to prepare her for the exciting world of multiples.  But I believe that all the advice and talking in the world can't prepare you for having a baby until you actually live through it.  And double that with twins!  So instead of trying to prepare her for the lack of sleep and many many diapers she will be consuming in the coming months, I decided to contribute to her shower and help make it as cute and delicious as I could.

She found a cake online that she liked ( and asked me to replicate the bubbles in her nursery colors and also to incorporate monkeys for a two little monkey themed shower.

I wanted to help out some more so I decided to make some cookies to use for party favors.  I made bottles, strollers, rattles, onesies, and of course ... monkeys!

And packaged them in a bouquet for the party!  The party was great and I can't wait to meet the twins in a couple months!