Monday, February 20, 2012

Recent creations

I have been a bad blogger for a while.  But I am going to make up for it with a long post with lots of my most recent creations.  I have been less busy than usual the past few months, and I have welcomed it.  I still love making cakes, but also very much enjoy the down time and more time with my family. 

I made this Elmo cake for my goddaughter's birthday.  She loves Elmo.

These simple #1 cookies were made for a first birthday party.  I love the effect the sanding sugar adds.

This polka dot cake is actually an ice cream cake I made for my husbands birthday.  He requested vanilla cake with layers of vanilla ice cream and cookie dough filling.  It was delicious!

A little girl I know loves puppies and kitties.  Last years party was puppies and this years theme was kitties.  So here is a cute little kittie cake for Julie Ann.

We threw and art party for my little boys Jacob & Justin.  We had large sheets of paper with paints, artist aprons, paint pallettes, and a bounce house.  The boys love birthdays and birthday parties, and I enjoy giving them a special birthday.  So I did my best to make the dessert and decorations all match our theme.  I made cupcakes to look like splotches of paint on a pallette.

Cookies to look like little artist pallettes.

And here's the dessert table all set up with spilling paint cans and rice krispie paint brushes.  

And a paint splashed cake for the little artists.  

And then of course Valentines Day!  My little boys LOVE spiderman.  I found this idea for some awesome spiderman cookies.  Except for the black icing to turn all the kiddos mouths black these are pretty much the perfect valentine for a little boy who loves spiderman.  I was pretty impressed with how cute they turned out and I packaged them up in bags and and labeled them for my kids to sign.