Monday, November 21, 2011

Dogs deserve dessert too!

I love my chocolate lab, Ginger.  She is such a sweet, calm and loveable dog.  And I sometimes get the opportunity to make some dog cakes and cookies for a friend of mine who owns a pet boutique.  It is always a challenge to bake for our four legged friends, because the ingredients act different than people coookies and cakes.  But it is so fun!  And Ginger always hangs around in the kitchen when I am baking dog cookies.  

Lots of new stuff. . .

I have been busy this month, and with the holidays I don't intend for it to slow down.  But I wanted to quickly post some of my more recent projects.  Enjoy!

Pizza party cake!

Baby smash cake for Moment in Time Photography.  I can't wait to see the photos from her session!

Justin Beiber cookies for a girly slumber party!

A train birthday cake.  A toy train was added to the top tracks.

A whale and trainer cake for a little girl who already knows she wants to be a whale/dolphin trainer.