Sunday, October 30, 2011

My sister turned 21

My baby sister turned 21 last week.  To celebrate this big birthday I had to make her a special cake.  She loves all things pumpkin, so the inside is pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese italian meringue buttercream. 

For some reason, when I picture her cake I pictured pink cheetah print.  I don't know why, but apparently I wasn't too far off because her best friend get her something pink cheetah for her birthday too. 

I painted on the pattern which was a first for me.  I am glad I tried it because it was super easy and I loved the way it came out.

Happy Birthday Jenn!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A dress up party

When I was first asked to make this cake I was a little nervous.  I was asked to make a shoe cake.  I have never made a gumpaste shoe before so a shoe cake was a little intimidating.  But then the party took a little twist and it became a dress up party.  This inspired me and was a theme I could wrap my head around.  I wish I had a dress up party when I was a kid!

 So I decided to make a bunch of little dress up neccessities: tiaras, crowns, shoes, purses, hats, beaded necklaces, lipstick, nailpolish and wands.  And I couldn't resist throwing in a couple cute bunny slippers, because those were my favorite as a kid. 

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    DJ cake

    The birthday boy last weekend enjoys DJing in his spare time.  So this cake was made to resemble the birthday boys DJ equipment.  At first I was a little skeptical that the cake wouldn't look good and during the process I was upset and thought it was down right ugly.  But all of a sudden it all came together and I was happy with the end result. 

    Trains and Sports!

    I know a little boy who is obsessed with sports!! It's so cute.  I know he is going to be a professional football player or something when he gets older.  But for now, he plays with baseball cards and has a sports themed room.  And his past two birthday parties have been sports themed.   This year he got to share his birthday party with his new little brother, who turned one within a few weeks from his birthday.  So this birthday had two themes for two different little boys. 

     I think this cake is so cute and unique with its original theme!  All the balls are fondant and the trains are basically big cake balls.  I love making cakes but this one definitely challenged me.  I planned it poorly, and there wasn't enough room for the last little, white train car.  And during the party the poor little guy fell off the side of the cake.  It was ok, though, since it was on the side.  But I, as an artist, was heartbroken!  That and the day of the birthday party it rained all day, actually all weekend, and fondant and humidity do not mix!  Good thing I didn't cover the entire cake in fondant, just the decorations.  But all in all it was a great cake and mom and both birthday boys loved it, and that's all that matters. 

    Babies 1st Birthday Jungle Safari cake

    Here is a super cute and girly jungle safari themed birthday cake.  There are faces of all different jungle animals around the cake.


    I think that giraffe is my favorite.  I think he is really cute!  But I can't descriminate because they are all pretty cute!

    And no 1st birthday is complete without a smash cake ( or jumbo cupcake in this case).  I love this little cupcake with the monkey and ribbon!  I hope the little birthday girl loved it.  I heard she devoured the cake.

    And, although I didn't get to eat this one, I heard it was pretty yummy.  We chose a banana cake since this little 1 yr old loves her bananas.  And it was covered in cream cheese frosting- yum!!!