Friday, August 19, 2011

new cookies for a special baby and a pretty in pink (and turquiose cake)

I got a call a couple weeks ago that an old friend of mine was expecting a baby boy.  She was a friend of mine through high school and college and in her adult life she is living in a different state.  I was so happy for her!  Then a few days after that her husband contacted me and invited me to a surprise baby shower for her.  I was so excited and had to go.  Since the party had already been planned I couldnt bring a cake so I decided to make some cute baby cookies to contribute.  It was a last minute decision, but here is what i came up with. . .

I decided to try a new cookie recipe and it was delicious!!!

And since I was trying new things I decided to try a new icing recipe too.  I liked this one.  I thought it was tastier than royal icing and dried shinier.  One of my biggest complaints with royal is its dull finish.

Everyone at the party loved them!  And I was happy to see an old friend and feel like I was able to help make her shower more special. 

I also got to make a super cute and simple cake.  Since this was a week for new recipes I decided to make some modeling chocolate for this cake.  Modeling chocolate is a great alternative to gumpaste and fondant, especially for those who don't like fondant (although my fondant is super yummy!).  I loved working with it and the way it set up.  I think I am going to be using modeling chocolate much more.  And since I am talking about recipes. . . this cake was chocolate cake with cookie dough filling and it was delicious!

This cake was inspired by

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gaming birthdays- Angry Birds and Mario Kart

This weeks trend is gaming birthday parties.  I did an Angry Birds cake and Mario Kart cake back to back.  I was impressed with myself and how realistic and close the characters looked to the real thing.  I always worry when replicating something it isn't going to look right.  But I was happy with how they turned out. 

So I have played Angry Birds for all of 2 minutes and don't really get the fun of it yet.  Maybe if I played it more I would.  But it is crazy to me how adults and children can be hooked on the same game.  A very close friends son was turning 4 and he wanted Angry Birds.  So Angry Birds he got.  I wish I made the birds out of cake balls so they would have been even yummier.  But it was an outdoor pool party that required us to drive a distance to get there.  So I decided to be safe and make them out of fondant.  That's ok they were still pretty tasty.  My boys love my marshmallow fondant and were the proud eaters of at least 2 birds each.  They usually eat the fondant first then the icing and then if they are still hungry they will eat cake.  These boys definitely like sugar (they must be my children). 

This was the weekend for birthday parties.  Actually we have been to a lot this summer.  There must be a lot of summer babies out there!  This cake was Super Mario Kart.  I usually have a plan when making my cakes.  But for some reason this one I just decided to wing it.  I knew I wanted to make Mario on his kart and some of the stars and mushrooms but that was it.  I was about to dye some fondant blue and make a scene like the games when I changed my mind and decided to go with white and black checks and some red.  I am glad I did because when I talked to my friend she said she had just purchased red and black and white checked table clothes.  So luckily it matched perfectly.