Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cake ball truffle tower and baby smash cake

My friends LOVE cake balls!  It works out pretty well because I usually have lots of left over cake scraps in the freezer that I should not have lying around the kitchen (me+ cake can = danger and expanding waistline)  And I couldn't possibly throw away any of that delicious cake, so I am more than happy to get rid of my left overs and feed them to my friends.  So on my friends very special 30th birthday she requested cake balls.  I didn't want to just hand her a plate of cake balls since I do that for usual occasions.  So I thought I would try something differen,t and make what i am calling a truffle tower.  The idea was a success!  Very pretty and such a non-messy and yummy party food.   

I have some very talented friends!  And one of them happens to be a photographer( ).  We decided to join forces and start working together.  So I will be making smash cakes for her birthday sessions.  I am very excited about making these sweet little cakes and to see what beautiful art she can make with them.  And it will also be nice to have some of my work professionally photographed :)  This one was inspired by the tutu a little girl was going to be wearing during her session.