Sunday, June 5, 2011

some new stuff

So my laptop died.

I was sitting outside with the boys while they were swimming.  The dog was running around hyper and fell in the pool.  Then she shook and my laptop turned off . . .

and never again turned back on.  So its been a while since I have uploaded any pictures of my recent projects.

Here's what I have been up to:

A preschool graduation cake for a little girl.  She sent me a picture of a cake she liked and told me to run with it.  I took the idea of the paper and ruler from the picture she sent me and included the cap and the girls favorite color, pink.

My friends love cake balls.  They always request that I make them for our little playdates or celebrations.  I made these for a friends birthday.  I especially love the cupcake cake balls with a little touch of dark and white cholocate.  YUM!!!

This cake was completely designed by the honoree.  It was to celebrate her leaving to enter the army.  She went with a princess/camo theme and added a tiara to the top of the cake for her party.  I was a little nervous about it when I first saw the picture, but I really liked the way it came out in the end.