Thursday, June 16, 2011

camo cake, baby shower, and birthdays

A very lovely girl just entered the army.  For her going away party she wanted a camo princess theme.  She actually designed this cake and added a tiara to the top of it for her party.  I wish her luck and thank her and all the soldiers for their selflessness and service.

This baby shower cake was designed based on the nursery bedding.  The bedding is super cute with pink and peach colors and an elephant, zebra, hippo and koala.  I tried to match the animals and make a baby in a bassinet.  

 I had a birthday party at my house this past weekend.  A good friend of mine was turning 30 and I decided to throw her a pool party.  I always like to try to make something new or different.  I decided to make a swiss meringue buttercream cake and drizzle it with dark chocolate ganache.  It was super yummy- dark chocolate cake filled with a cookies and cream buttercream. 

These little presents were 4 inch mini cakes designed for twin girls.  The birthday girls each picked their design.  I though they were really cute birthday presents for the birthday girls.