Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome and Pictures

I have been thinking of new ways to share my work with people.  I have a flickr page and a facebook page but thought a blog would be nice too.  So since this is my first posting I thought I would share a few of my pictures of past projects.  I just love all things baking, decorating and sugar and love to see people's reactions when I hand them a yummy edible creation that I made especially for their special occasion.  I think I have found my calling and hope to someday grow this into something more!!

For this first post I will show you all some of my earlier work.  Not all my favorite, but it shows some skill and my humble beginnings.  Not that I am by any means an expert right now but I have definitely seen some improvement since I began the craft about 2 years ago.  

This teddy bear cake was the first cake I made for my sons 1st birthday party.  I actually made 2, for each of my twin boys, and some cupcakes for the guests as well.  Not bad for a first cake and my first try at fondant (If I do say so myself).

My second shot at the teddy bear for my god daughters 1st birthday. 

This one was done at a cake decorating class at the craft stores.  Not exactly my style but a pretty cute basket that could be used for easter or even a knitting basket cake or something cool.

My first try at the giant cupcake for my husbands 30th birthday.  I made a cupcake wrapper out of chocolate to make it look more realistic.  It turned out pretty cute but if I did it again I would do things a little different. 

Pink rose cake made for my best friends bridal shower.  I was too scared to make a fondant cake for her but I love the romantic look of the swirls and all the beautiful roses. 

This cake was made for a going away party for someone moving to a log cabin in the woods.  It was fun to make.  I made all the mini logs out of fondant scored and painted to look like wood and stacked them off set like a log cabin.  The trees were a fun addition.  They were made with ice cream cones and buttercream, yum!

Sorry for the aweful picture but I forgot to take one until the last minute.  The white buttercream on top is supposed to be clouds.  It was really pretty cute when you turn it around and see all the different colored and designed cars around the cake.

I'll post more of my cakes, cookies and treat soon!