Thursday, March 24, 2011

More of my pictures. . .

As promised I am continuing to post pictures of all my past creations.  The past posts have included some of my older stuff and this one is a lot of my more recent cakes.  I think this is all of them except for my dog treats and cakes.  YES I also bake for dogs, why should they be left out from the indulgence.  I will post those one day too.  But hopefully in the future my posts will be more interesting :)  instead of just a bunch of pictures.  

This cake was made for a little girl turning one on Saint Patricks day.  I was asked to make it pink and girly and I think it was a mission accomplished.  

This puppy dog cake included lots of special requests by the birthday girl herself (she was turning 3 and already knows what she wants).  First request- dogs, of course.  Second- that the cake be pink and green.  And third that the cake inside be green.  So I dyed the vanilla batter green and it was delicious!  The boys and I attended this party and it was so much fun.  There have been a lot of birthdays so far this year and the boys have become obsessed with birthdays and with singing the happy birthday song, which they do at least twice a day.  And it usually is happy birthday to Julie Ann- haha! 

This cake is nothing fancy on the outside, but it was delicious on the inside.  I should know it was my husbands birthday cake and also my first attempt at making an ice cream cake.  I will definitely be doing his again because it was super easy and super yummy!  It was vanilla cake ( I cheated and used a box this time) and birthday cake ice cream!  So yummy I liked it just as much as the Brewsters cakes I usually buy him.

This cake was red velvet with cream cheese icing.  Instead of smoothing the icing I made it swirly since it was for a beachy girl.  She is also an artist and loves dragonflies.  I think I covered everything :)

To be honest these individual  tiered cakes were a bit of a pain.  As I was making them I swore I would never do them again.  But they turned out so cute, and I think each girl felt so special to have their very own cake with their initial on it.  And I may consider making them again (if someone asked very nicely).

This was the birthday cake this year for my twin boys.  We just LOVE Dr Seuss!  I love twin symbolism of thing 1 and thing 2.  I love it so much they were thing 1 and thing 2 for their first halloween.  Funny thing about this cake. . .  as we are driving to the park for the boys birthday party my hubsand says I just realized you made the hat.  He had been looking at this cake for at least a day and watching me make it.  I thought it was obvious, but I guess not.   Well I think it turned out pretty cute and it tasted good. 

I copied this idea from one I saw on cake central.  My friend and neighbor asked me to make a firetruck cake and I sent her a few pictures and she liked this one the best.  I love how the flames turned out!!

I love penguins!  And I loved making them out of gumpaste.  I tried to make them all have different personalities.  I like the penguin bootie the best!

For an easy cake this one gave me some problems.  I have a love hate relationship with buttercream, maybe I just haven't made enough all buttercream cakes.  Well ,I think I made the bow too heavy so I kept trying to sag and pull the buttercream, ugh!  Well at least the tiara came out good!

A very good friend of mine has twin girls.  I go to her a lot with issues I am having with the boys to see if she has dealt with them too.  So when she asked me to make their birthday cake I knew I needed to make it extra special.  You can't really see it in the picture but their are beautiful flowers and little mushrooms around the cake, and of course 2 gumpaste fairies!

This cake is small, about 6" but it needed to be small to accompany our Thanksgiving dinner ( it was one of many desserts).  A very special cousin had her birthday in November and I didn't get to see her until Thanksgiving so I surprised her with a special birthday cake.  I like the way the circles and band almost look like a skirt on the cake.  This was a very festive pumpkin spice cake with a delicious cinnamon cream cheese icing.  I also, added a flower to the side of the cake but I didn't get to take a picture of it. 

I admit when I was first asked to make a 3D turkey for a Thanksgiving birthday I was a little scared.  I was making some dishes for Thanksgiving dinner and traveling so I had to pack and have everything ready.  That's what mom's do right. . . all by themself . . . pack for everybody.  Well the idea of a 3D turkey wasn't even something I could wrap my head around, but after searching the internet I was inspired and decided I could squeeze it it.  I am so glad I did!  I love this little guy!  Gobble Gobble!

This is a Jesse from Toy Story cake.  I tried to make it look like her hair and clothes.  My friend added a Jesse doll to sit with it and it made it super cute and helped people to understand what the cake was.  I guess it isn't completely obvious that its a Jesse cake unless you a real Toy Story fan.

And here is Buzz Lightyear to go along with Jesse.  The birthday party was for brother and sister and they both chose their favorite characters.  This one is a little more obvious that it is Buzz, but she put a Buzz Lightyear action figure on top and it really completed the cake. 

This is my version of an elegant football cake.  This was made to celebrate a football teams end of season banquet.  It has a large football, small little fondant footballs dangling, and the teams colors.  Oh and there were matching colored cupcakes for each of the football players.

A coworked of my husbands was having a birthday party for her son at a dinosaur place with fossils and stuff.  So I tried to make a realistic dinosaur cake and I had to include fossils. 

This is a pumpkin spice birthday cake for my Starbucks loving sister.  Don't look too closely because they aren't perfect.  I would do things differently next time, but nobody seemed to notice.  I even made fondant coffee beans. 

I made this cake for my dads birthday this year.  He is a workaholic with very few hobbies, except his boat.  So I thought I would try my hand at carving a boat for him.  It isn't by any means an exact replica of his boat, but its the same colors and he was really happy.  It felt good to do something special for him.

My friends son is obsessed with sports.  He's 3 and can name the players on his many many baseball cards.  How many 3 year olds that you know collect baseball cards?  He is so cute and one day I am sure he is going to be playing sports and I am sure he is going to be really good at it.  Braydon, remember me when you are famous!  So this sports cake was made especially for him.  All the little balls and the bat are rice krispie treats.

This baby shower cake was so fun to make.  It encompassed a lot of firsts for me.  It was my first time modeling a figure and I was pretty proud of my cute little teddy bear with his little blanky.  I also made the little baby converse shoes for the first time.  But I couldn't stop there, I made a pacifier, bottle and rattle too.  The bottom border are alphabet blocks and the dots on the top are buttons.  So cute!

This cake was not my design.  But I loved it so much I could not change it.  It is a beautiful and sweet birthday cake.

This cake is for a very good friends son.  He wanted a construction cake.  I made the truck on top from gumpaste and originally had made a dump truck too but couldn't fit it on the cake.  I also made a special oreo dirt pile on the side of the cake.  I caught the birthday boy sneaking some dirt during the party.  I think he really liked the idea of eating some super sweet and yummy dirt. 

I wanted to do a Mickey cake but not make it really cutesy mickey mouse.  So this is what I decided on. 

My sisters engagement party cake.  She told me what she wanted it to look like and what colors to make it.  I think it turned out beautiful! 

This cake was for my nephews baptism.  I love the colors and was so happy with how it turned out. 

This is the absolute easiest cake I have ever made.  It is so easy and so delicious.  Just bake a cake.  Slop of some frosting.  Put some twiz, kit kats or something tall and skinny on the side and tie a ribbon around it to secure.  Then dump some yummy candies on top.  It's not exactly healthy, but hey its a cake its not supposed to be. 

This cake was a birthday surprise for a very good friend.  I had a new cutter for the gerber daisies I wanted to test out and decided her birthday was a good excuse.  I also made swiss meringue buttercream on this cake.  That stuff is so delicious.  Its not very sweet like most buttercreams so for those who don't like an overly sweet icing it is perfect and it is smooth and silky like velvet.  Yum!

I made this dinosaur out of rice kripie treats.  I have seen cakes similar to this where the dinosaur is the cake but I wanted to make it as a topper.  I love the way it turned out. 

A paintball castle cake.  The birthday boy loves paintball and plays a game called capture the castle.  So knowing that here is what I came up with.  I made the tires and stump out of rice krispie treats like the obstacles in a paintball field.  The buttercream camoflauge was a pretty cool effect and not that hard either.

A gift box with the birthday girls favorite things.  This girl is a motorcycle riding, cowboy loving girl with skull tatoos.  She loved it!

Thanks for looking through all these pictures.  I really enjoyed making each and every one of these cakes!  This is such a rewarding craft!  I love seeing people faces light up when I present them a cake and I love being able to make a special occasion a little more special!