Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cookies and cupcakes

I love ALL things sugar!  I do love cake but there is something special about small, individual sized treats that make me happy.  So I have played around with making cookies, cupcakes, and cake ball truffles.  Here are some pictures of delicious inidividual sized treats I have made. 

These were the first sugar cookies I decorated.  Pretty ambitious, right!  I think they turned out pretty good conisdering the detail in the gator.  I made these for my sisters college graduation.

My first cookie bouquets.  I made the wedding ones for a gift for my sister when she got engaged.  There is something beautiful (and delicious) about cookies on a stick!

I found these cute mini vases and thought these would be the perfect gift to my kids preschool teachers and I couldn't give them empty!  So cookies were the perfect thing!

These baby cookies are my spin on a baby cupcake I have seen around.  They are just so cute and so perfect for a baby shower.  I have actually made these a few times, they seem to be pretty popular.  My personal favorite is the crying baby (but not necessarily in real life).

I made this as a wedding present for my neighbor.  I was pretty happy with how they turned out.  I just love the tuxedos! 

This is the second set of halloween cookies I made this year.  I actually forgot to take pictures of the other ones.  They were spiders too, but not a web.  These were so easy but had such a great effect!  I can't wait for halloween again!!

Cookie wands for a princess party!!

I love holidays!  They are a great excuse to make something yummy and have such cute themes and lots of room for creativity.  These bunnies turned out so cute and were so fun to make.

This was my first attempt at making my own cupcake tower.  It was the perfect platform for these delicious cupcakes. 

This design is out of my Hello Cupcake book, (or was it the second book?).  I have to say I think it turned out pretty cute.  Its amazing that you can create a cake shape out of cupcakes.  I can't wait to experiment with cupcake cakes again.

This idea is courtesy of Martha Stewart.  A good friend was having a nesting themed baby shower and these were the perfect dessert to compliment the theme and decorations.  And they were pretty delicious too!

These are the cookies I made to coordinate with the baby bird cupcakes.  I LOVE the colors! 

These cookies were the party favors for my twin boys 3rd birthday party this year.  I love all the Dr. Seuss books and so do they.  They also love the Cat in the Hat tv show so it was the perfect theme for them this year.

Party favor cookies for a puppy dog birthday party.  I also made red fire hydrant cookies for a fire fighter birthday but forgot to take pictures of those.  I realy like the fire hydrants!

These are another set of baby shower cookies I made.  I think the colors are a great combination for a fun, beachy baby girl!